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oracle11gdba Training


Many new change assurance (or "Real Application Testing," as Oracle calls it) features in Oracle Database 11g bring that dream closer to reality. The Database Replay tool, for example, allows you to capture production database workload and replay it in a test (or even the same) database to assess the impact of change. Or consider SQL Performance Analyzer, which predicts the performance impact of changes to SQL before they are made. (In my opinion, this Real Application Testing functionality alone justifies the upgrade.) After this process, Edition-based Redefinition (introduced in Release 2) enables patching and updates of data objects while the application remains online. Overall, Oracle Database 11g makes database infrastructure far more efficient, resilient, and manageable. For example, very compelling new features in the realm of partitioning ease the design and management of partitioned tables immensely.

oracle11gdba Course Modules

Essential UNIX (and Linux) for the Oracle DBA

  • Understanding the UNIX Shell(s)
  • Overview of Basic UNIX Commands
  • Navigating Files and Directories in UNIX


  • Writing and Editing Files with the vi Editor
  • Extracting and Sorting Text
  • Shell Scripting


  • Dealing with UNIX Processes
  • UNIX System Administration and the Oracle DBA
  • Disks and Storage in UNIX


Tasks of a Database Administrator

  • To plan and create databases
  • To manage database availability
  • Database tuning
  • To manage physical and logical structures
  • To manage security
  • Network administration
  • Backup and recovery

Oracle 11g Architectural Components

  • Oracle Database Server
  • Oracle Database Instance,
  • Memory Architecture
  • Process Architecture

Database Creation

  • Understanding required init parameters for DB Creation.


  • Creating Database using OMF
  • Creating a Database with DBCA


  • Setting up Listener and TNS
  • Executing post database creation scripts


Managing Databases

  • Database Start up / Shutdown process and options
  • Monitoring Alert and Trace files for trouble shooting
  • Configuring various memory structures
  • Overview of DB Background processes
  • Overview of Logical storage structures like Blocks, Extents and Segment.
  • Overview of Data Dictionary Views

Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles

  • Overview of tablespaces and datafiles.
  • Create / Alter of tablespaces


  • Adding / Resising of datafiles
  • Overview of Oracle Managed Files (OMF)


  • Big file Tablespaces& Temporary Tablespaces


User Management

  • Overview of Users / Schemas
  • Understanding Role and Privileges


  • Creation and Managing Users
  • Managing Resources / Profiles
  • Dictionary Views for User Management

Oracle Data Loads

  • Overview of various data load operations
  • Working with SQL Loader
  • Working with classic Export / Import utilities
  • Understanding and Working with Data Pump


  • Overview of Transportable Tablespaces


Backup and Recovery of Databases

  • Backing Up Oracle Databases
  • The Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • User-Managed Backups
  • The Oracle Recovery Process
  • Performing Recovery with RMAN
  • The Oracle Backup Tool

Automatic Storage Management

  • Creating ASM instance.
  • Creating ASM devices using ASMLIB.
  • Configuring ASM Disk Groups.
  • Configuring ASM rebalance with variable power limits.
  • File management in ASM

Oracle High Availability

  • Configuring Physical Standby
  • Switchover and failover
  • Flashback Database / Query / transaction
  • Recycle Bin

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